employee management solutions
human resources

Human Resource Management

Improve your competitive advantage without employing your own Human Resource personnel. Get document assistance with recruitment, performance appraisals, training and development while maintaining safety and compliance.

employee handbooks and clinical manuals

Employee Handbooks and Clinical Manuals

Get the help you need to write, update and maintain your important business documents — your employee handbook, operational or clinical manuals, compliance documents, risk management records, and information technology guidelines. All stored at your fingertips.



Employee Training and Development

Managing and retaining top talent requires a focus on the employee experience. Empower your staff with the professional training to improve performance or remain compliant in their current roles or for future performance and employee growth.



Performance Review Toolkit -- 90-Day, Quarterly and Annual

Performance reviews are used to support decisions related to training and career development, compensation, transfers, promotions, and reductions-in-force or employment termination. 

This toolkit includes the Performance Review Policy, Performance Improvement Plan Form, 90-Day Performance Evaluation, Quarterly Peer Review Form, and Annual Review Form.